June Artwork

     So, I made some stuff and here it is.  

     My dad found a bird skull at the mine.  He says it's probably a raven, as they are all over the place there.  I silver-leafed it, and am trying to find a way to mount it.  

     I've been reminded recently of a word I had forgotten, that is, virago.  According to the wikipedia, it means, "a strong, brave, warlike woman."  Oftentimes, it is used in a derogatory way, meaning, "a noisy, quarrelsome woman."  Personally, I rather like the first definition better.  I've been thinking about this word, and this head is the first virago I've made.  




  1. Virago.... that is beautiful- the term and the artwork..... why did you choose to major in studio arts instead of sculpture...... it is really beautiful..... What's the size and medium!??!?!

  2. Jaimianne, thanks for the nice feedback! This was made of Amaco air-dry clay, and she's about three inches high.