Badder Homes and Gardens are making aprons

Twas two nights before Thanksgiving, when all through the place
Not a man was laughing, after being put in his place.
The Badder Homes and Gardens was drunk with no care,
In hopes that there next blog entry would fall from the air.

The YoungWC was lost in what they consider fun
While visions of aprons had slowly begun.
They were drawing and sketching and making a mess
When one member said "I have something to confess".

When out from the web there rose such a chatter,
We all leaned to the screen to see what was the matter.
And what happen next was truly surreal,
The Badder Homes and Gardens were in with zeal.

We were all so thrilled, they were going enter our show,
But this bunch of writers would have to remember how to sew.
Just as I now have to remember how to write,
But who the hell cares, this is such an excite!

Now the friendship will continue for ever more,
And trust me our antics will be anything but a bore.
All together we find ourselves cheery and smug
"We all love the love. Now let's all hug."


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