New Calendar Submission Deadline

The YoungWC is moving our 2011 Calendar Publication submission deadline!

The Female Perspective “The Bedroom”

- Young Women’s Caucus 2011 Calendar Publication -

Open Call for Entry

The Young Women’s Caucus is publishing a 2011 Calendar on the theme of the bedroom. We hope to incorporate a variety of responses on the topic from the female perspective. Proceeds from the calendar will be sold to help fund the Young Women’s Caucus and their events.

Artwork will be chosen for the calendar to fill 12 full monthly pages and a cover. Artists chosen for the calendar will receive national recognition with their artwork and artist statement.

Organized by:

The Young Women’s Caucus (YoungWC) is an internal Caucus of the Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA). The mission of YoungWC is to provide resources, connections and support for all young women art students/artists. It is a national network for exchanging ideas, sharing opportunities, and promoting reflection and discussion about women’s issues in a fun and creative way.

About the Women’s Caucus for Art

The Women's Caucus for Art (WCA) is the leading national nonprofit organization for women in the visual arts professions. Founded in 1972, WCA is dedicated to the cultural, aesthetic and economic value of women’s art. WCA has 27 chapters across the country (six in California) and is an affiliate of the College Art Association. Visit


Open to all women artists between the ages of 16 and 35.

Entry Deadline

Postmarked by Saturday, November 15th!

Entry Guidelines

· Each artist is limited to submit 3 pieces of artwork. If you are submitting a three-dimensional piece, two images per a piece are allowed.

· Artwork image submissions must be sent ready for publication as high-resolution jpegs with at least 300dpi.

· Please make sure to have all images labeled with the title of the piece and the artist’s name. Ex: JohnSmith_Artwork.jpeg

· 150 words about each specific art work you submit

Download Application Here

(Click File and you choose how ou want to download it!)

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