Benefit for Survivors of Human Trafficking (featuring the Ragdoll Project): Art, Film, & Music

Part of the Women's Caucus for Art Outreach: A Benefit for Survivors of Human Trafficking

The Philadelphia WCA presents an evening of art, film and music as part of The Ragdoll Project, an ongoing project that educates the public on human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation and supports survivors and at risk women and children. Proceeds will be donated to Dawn's Place, a local shelter for rescued victims of trafficking.

Music by: Suzi Brown, Jurassic Shark, Ghetto Songbird, and Early Riser

Early Riser (NYC) is the solo project of Kiri Oliver from the Brooklyn bands Delta Hotel, Amy Klein & the Blue Star Band, and Claire's Diary. Her songs tell richly detailed, relatable stories full of hooks and hope.

Suzi Brown is a unique singer/songwriter. She has worked in Thailand and China especially with centers rehabilitating women from prostitution and cheap labor jobs, and she has done outreach with children's centers in Thailand.

Ghetto Songbird
The fathomless flow within the lyrical vistas of Ghetto Songbird’s vocals breathe aroma into the souls of her listeners. Her 60’s & 70’s rock style mixes with the flair of modern day modes, expressing a tonal offering to captures genders, social backgrounds, & generations from 8 to 80.

Jurassic Shark formed at Girls Rock Philly in August 2011. They have four members and a combined age of 59. Their band name and song titles come from what they believe to be rejected/knockoff children's books that they found in a classroom while at camp.

Films by: Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter, Sara Suleman, Loretta Paraguassu, Menaka Gopalan, Bonnie MacAllister w/ Lora Bloom, Rachel Udell, and Krochet Kitty

Sara Suleman has exhibited in numerous exhibitions including the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, the Erasing Borders Exhibition at the Queens Museum, and Aicon Gallery, New York City. Her film "Converge" is inspired by birds in Karachi, Pakistan.

Loretta Paraguassu is an artist/filmmaker/writer, VP of WCAGA. She is an exhibitor in WCA's Stop Slavery Now: A Conversation About Human Trafficking at F&N Gallery. Her video, "Color, Curves and Motion," combines photos, paintings, and live dancers.

Menaka Gopalan was born in Singapore. In revealing and commenting, archiving and documenting, destroying and constructing, her viewer is confronted simultaneously with place and no place, self and no self, an in-between state of existence.

Bonnie MacAllister presents a collaborative video, "Girl Gangs" featuring fiber artwork by Rachel Blythe Udell and Krochet Kitty and a soundtrack composed with Lora Bloom. She is an exhibitor in "Stop Slavery Now," and she is the Performance Chair of the Young Women's Caucus and a Past President of the Philadelphia Chapter.

Artwork by: Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter
Featuring The Ragdoll Project

Tabling for Educational Information on Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Presented by: The Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter, Young Women's Caucus, and Permanent Wave Philly

Bake Sale

$5 donation

And please don't miss our April exhibition "Stop Slavery Now: a Conversation about Human Trafficking":

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