The Press Release is Out!

Young Women’s Caucus to Host 1950s Theme Dinner

HANCOCK, MI – The recently-formed Finlandia University chapter of the Young Women’s Caucus will host a 1950s theme dinner Saturday, November 14, starting at 6:00 p.m., at the Finandia Hall Café, in the university’s residence hall on Summit Street, Hancock.

The menu for the buffet-style 1950s housewife-themed dinner is inspired by food from that era. The community is encouraged to participate by baking a pie for a pie contest that evening, or by sporting 1950s attire.

The Young Women’s Caucus is dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging artists and designers. The theme dinner fundraiser will help the young women organize “The Apron Show,” a traveling art exhibit, and support annual membership fees in the national Women’s Caucus for Art.

At the dinner, the members of the Caucus will wear aprons that they have designed and created in order to encourage additional entries for The Apron Show, a traveling exhibit that will start at Finlandia’s Reflection Gallery then travel to Saint Louis and Denver. The call for entry for “The Apron Show” is open to all women ages 12 to 39. All aprons must fit in an 11-½” x 14-½” envelope.

“The Young Women’s Caucus hopes to have your support for our first fundraiser,” says Jaimianne Amicucci, a senior art and design student from New York and an officer of the caucus. “Come to enjoy the meal and learn more about this profound new organization.”

Tickets are $15 at the door, and $10 for students and those who contribute a homemade pie.

For more information about the dinner, The Apron Show, or the Young Women’s Caucus, visit, e-mail, or call 906-487-7375.


  1. Conflicting information here y'all. You say women only ages 12-39! Then down further you say women & men of all ages. Which is it? It seemed odd to me that the cut off age of 39 would restrict women from that era.

    faye carr
    keweenaw co-op

  2. ...not sure if 1950's food is that nutritious! Also wondering about the age restriction

  3. Re faye's comment - - it is odd that they cut off restricts 50's born-women. Our aprons might be feminist manifestos! Us 1950's baby boomers know that the 50's were not kind to women especially our mothers age. That's when women were tossed out of the workplace and society prescribed roles as apron clad housefraus.

  4. Sorry everyone for the conflicting information! The apron show is open to men and women of all ages.

    Unfortunately the press release reflects old information. Calls for entry often have restrictions based on a number of factors, so when we originally drew up guidelines for the apron show, we discussed various restrictions, including those for gender and age. Early on in the planning process, we realized our mistake and eliminated these restrictions as we did not want to exclude anyone or impoverish the apron show by limiting the variety of voices expressed within it. I'm sorry for the oversight on our official press release. The apron show is open to everyone, as it should be, because everyone's voice should be heard or in this case, seen... in the form of an apron. :)