Farewell Minty

Not too long ago, my friend Ren and I worked on a very important project. Her cat Minty, whom she had been with for fifteen years, passed on to wherever cats go when they die (We think it's something like a resplendent meadow with ponies).

Needless to say, she was sad about this, and so we wanted to make something special to remember him. Ren said Minty was always very proud of the deposits he made in his catbox, and she had been unable to bring herself to scoop up the last one.

We decided to gold leaf it, and keep it forever.

Ren kept the last deuce hidden away for awhile to let it dry out. It was in pieces, but that just meant we had more treasures from Minty, and there was no worry about messing up. We treated them with a basecoat of rich red paint, then covered them with a red variegated gold leaf. Ren also had a couple his claws, and we think they may make a nice pair of earrings.

Currently we are searching for some kind of vessel (which we may embellish with ponies) that will serve as a reliquary for Minty's treasure. Let us know if you have an idea.

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